Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I joined WW Dec 15, 2012 (yes right before Christmas).  It may seem a little strange, but I wanted to do it, and I was afraid I would change my mind so I jumped right it (head first, as always).  Although I certainly didn’t lose any weight over the holidays, I more or less maintained my weight which is more than I could hope for really.  Since then, I haven’t been very successful.  I’ve been inconsistent…losing a couple of lbs at the beginning of Jan, but gaining it back.  I have lots of excuses, but they’re just that, excuses…and I’ve got lots, but not worth mentioning. 
I’ve been down this road with Weight Watchers before….and I’m NOT doing it again.  Lose a little here, gain a little there, and here I am at the same weight I started at Dec 15th. 
#1 Weight in: 239.6… (and you’re thinking like really, you need to include the .6?  Believe me; if I were to lose just that .6 next week, I will have lost over a half a lb of butter, so you’re dam straight I will mention it).
This actually gives me major anxiety to actually share my weight with you, but if I’m going to be real, and I really want it off, what better way than put it all out there. 
Goodbye 239
PS.  What do you think of me not logging my food here on the blog?  I’m not sure how realistic it is to write everything down, on top of logging everything into WW.


  1. Hi Cher,

    I haven't given out my weight on my blog, nor do I detail what I eat either. Post what you think will help you and your journey - the only person you have to be accountable is you....